Hello there, and welcome to The Rambling Game Reviews of an Enthusiast ( ゚▽゚)/"! I'm just a fangirl who clearly has nothing better to do with her life than play games and drool over fictional blushing men. This is a blog of mine made for fun where I review games that I play - and not strictly limited to Otome or BL (although that is the main focus, kinda). Really, I'll review anything on any system, so long as I have the means and motivation to play it. 
Besides review, I'll also babble about a bunch of other things related to gaming, anime, CDs and things of the sort. In the tabs above, you'll find master lists of all my posts, conveniently separated and alphabetized just for you. But by all means, use the search bar at the very top to find posts with certain tags.

I also typically multi-game since it's difficult for me to just sit still and focus on just one game. It also depends on what mood I'm in and hence what genre game I want, but most importantly, it gives me much needed feels breaks pfff.

When it comes to otomes, you can always count on me being Rejet trash. I try not to be solely Rejet though. After all, there's others (game) companies such as Idea Factory, Vivid Color, Nitro+Chiral, D3P, QuinRose, Honeybee, Broccoli, Takuyo etc etc. Really I just gravitate towards I think looks good or sounds promising.

I've also recently started getting into Drama CDs. ♫ When it comes to CDs, Rejet still takes a lot of my soul. ("No Rejet No Life" indeed) Though lately it seems like Honeybee and Black Butterfly among others have captured my interest lately.

One important thing to note on reviews though; most likely there will be spoilers. So beware! If I'm going to talk about various scenes and include my thoughts, no doubt plenty of information will be divulged. Furthermore, I'm going to seriously delve into what I'm playing. So if you want short, sweet and to the point... The final thoughts/tl;dr will be your best friend. ouo Come on, the title should at least hint that I'm going to spew everything that's on my mind lol.

Naturally, this is all for my enjoyment. You may not agree with my opinions or what I post, but that's totally okay. I won't however tolerate bashing of sorts, so if this isn't to your cup of tea, the back button graciously awaits you. Civilized discussion is always warmly welcomed with wide arms though, even if we  may share differences of opinions. (*´ω`)o

Care to contact me elsewhere? You can find my main Tumblr blog here.

Until then!


  1. Just stopping by to say hiiiii <3 I would have done this ever since I saw your blog but, your blog is absolutely beautiful ! >o< What your favorite otome game? (I hope you don't mind questions!) Mine is Ken ga kimi!

  2. Oh and i'm sorry for my bad english!