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Regarding Translations

Q: Translation Policy
A: Do not repost my translations anywhere without permission! This includes things like copying-pasting onto forums/wikis/etc, adding subtitles to videos, etc. If there's one thing I feel the strongest one, absolutely do not use and distribute my translations for a patch of any kind. 

Q: May I translate into my own native tongue?
A: Certainly! All I ask is that you ask me for permission first and then credit my original translations. :)

Q: Why do you take so long to translate?
A: Sorry guys. (´;ω;`) I try to get translations out there as fast as I can, but life sadly must prioritize. However, I committed myself to these translations, so I will see them to completion! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛~♪

Q: Translation Mediums?
A: Currently, my only translations involve text based things, particularly from DL. (aka game routes and magazine translations but no scanlations) Audio heavy translations for now are a no-go.

Q: Where can I drop translation requests?
A: You can comment with a request on my Translation/Guides page or you may contact me via Tumblr!

Q: Hey. You kinda translated a thing wrong.
A: Feel free to tell me!! I am not a perfect human being and I am still learning, so constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Q: Will you translate/review __?
A: Not sure when I'll ever get to them, but feel free to drop requests. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you guys like my translations and would like me to continue, and I'd like to do what the people want. :3 I'm still rather new to otome-ing, so on top of having stuff to do, I can most likely learn about more awesome titles along the way. My only request is that it be a game that doesn't have translations or detailed summaries out already (guides are totally chill though; they'll just make my life that much easier)... Because I'm lazy and don't want to translate something already out there. _(┐「ε:)_Games on systems I'd actually be able to get would be nice so I don't have to mooch off my friends' systems wwww. Also please keep in mind I need a copy of what will be translated, and games can be expensive. (。´∀`)

Edit: Please don't bomb me requests of full-on game translations, especially if I've never even heard of the series. Little things like a route here and there is fine, but a full game translation would take so long. ^^; (Especially if they're like... Hiiro no Kakera levels of long. *deep shudder*) 

Q: Where can I download x game?
A: Sorry, but I don't search and give out download links for any commercial games. Though I'd be happy to link to anything that was made with the intention to be free

Q: Repeated Requests
A: Please do not repeatedly ask for something to be translated. I promise, I probably received your request the first time. Likewise, please do not repeatedly ask for translations I've previously stated I have no interest in doing. ;w;

Q: Hey here's a random line from something that I put in Google Translate that I couldn't figure out, what's it mean?
A: Please don't just randomly show up asking me to translate random lines?? It's kind of rude to just expect translations/translation help without even asking for help prior. I'm a person, not a standby translation service. Please ask first and then tell me if I accept.

Q: Misc.
A: This should be somewhat intuitive, but please do not treat translators like translator machines??? We are still real people behind the screen, and being demanding and unappreciative is really unmotivating


Q: Are other languages okay?
A: Yes, please! Do not feel obligated to talk to me in English. I can easily use a translator to get the general idea across. c:

Q: Why are your posts so ridiculously long? Can't they be shorter?
A: Well, half of this is for my reference too. (・・。)ゞ I'm slow at playing and I'm terribly forgetful, so by the time I get past routes and to the review of the whole game, I can't remember a thing that went on lol. Besides, with details and all, it's a nice description for someone who has no means of playing the game? Haha 8D Also, I don't know how to shut up once I start fangirling.

Q: What kind of games/Drama CDs are you into?
A: I'M ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH MY LIKES. No joke. Honestly, it just depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something dark and twisted with screwed up story lines (*cough* Yeah that's right Rejet, I'm most definitely looking at you). Historical fictions are nice too, but I just have to brace myself for a bunch of heavy reading. There are times when I want stuff that'll make me cry, or bittersweet endings. Other times I'm in the mood for something fluffy to bring myself out of my sad gaming corner, like school setting, or fairytale, or whatever. Fantasy, mythology, sci-fi, etc. is nice too. ...So really I'll play anything so long as it's interesting haha.  My only requirements is that it has a decent plot and art. Games with a hideous amount of plot holes make me rip my hair out, and as an artist I can't stand it when there are always a lot of glaringly obvious anatomy issues. (゚ー゚) 

As for the Drama CDs, yeah it kinda depends on my mood as well LOL. I've recently gotten into CDs, so I'm afraid my knowledge of them is even smaller than my game knowledge, and I don't know many games to begin with ehe. Feel free though to shoot me recommendations on games, cds, or seiyuus!

Q: I want to ask you something but...
A: Haha, go ahead and ask to your heart's content. I don't bite. 8D (Or at least, according to Ryuusei Mitarashi, "not for free~". JK GUYS JK) I read everything I get and hence try to answer to the best of my ability. Feel free to just fangirl in general with me as well ♥ Or if you so wish, ask me if I've heard of a certain series. Either we'll fangirl together or you'll lead me to the dark side of another series. I'm new to the otome gaming fandom and even newer to the Drama CD fandom (but falling fast haha), so by all means, shoot some recommendations and favorites of yours my way. 
(・▽・) Up for just idle chatter with me? Go right ahead; I don't mind~

Q: What systems do you own that are otome-able?
A: Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, 3DS, PC, PS2, and PSP. Now with a Vita. ꒪̆౪̮꒪̆  Also Android to an extent.

Q: Your opinions are terrible!
A: As I've stated in my About section, this is merely for my own entertainment to get the inner fangirl out of me that I would not be able to at home without receiving multiple questioning glares. If you don't care to read about my opinions or this isn't your cup of tea, there's always a back button bro. No one likes bashing and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so stawp.
However, I'll warmly welcome with wide arms those who want to either A) share our opinions or B) have a civilized discussion about our different opinions. (*´ω`)o

Until then, I'll just keep ovary-exploding in a corner~ ♫

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  1. Hi! I have some problems with the messages and I'm a bit confused, but I want may your pemission to translate to spanish your translations (you're amazing) obviously with the credicts and all necessary. I tried talk with in tumblr but I don't know what happen :'v
    My tumblr if I can send you a mensagge :'v : lunassshs